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(Hotel + Gastro + Bookkeeping)

Very simple and quick training in using our HMS system. Constant new functionalities adapted to the local community and legal regulations. Guest reports, rooms, financial reports, residence tax records, integrated restaurant solutions, coffee shops as well as other extra-parking services (parking, conference rooms, swimming pools, spa etc.)

Easy to use

Competitive price


Free new functionality

Complete solution

Full interface flexibility

Full interface flexibility

Ease of use is one of the main advantages of our HMS system.

Our system provides you an optional integration with our bookkeeping and POS system and connection with a restaurant or mini-bar.




Speed, transparency, intuitive ...


High quality

High quality of a system and service


Increases employee productivity


Updates for the entire duration of the system


Our HMS strives  at full integration and synchronization with the world's largest booking systems. Send an inquiry regarding the booking system your property uses. Reduce the possibility of overbooking to a minimum.

Integration with

Integration with

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