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Business-information system "NIBIS", is designed for small and medium companies. It has modular design so that every modul can be used as independent applications, but moduls mutually integrated show their greatest strength and represent the ideal solution.

NIBIS (NextVision Business Information System)Provides you the ability to easily and effectively monitor your business.


Point of sale sistem "OnTouch" is ideal solution for catering and retail. It integrates functions of POS i CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, And thus, it enables you to have the necessary information at any time, both on the ground and backoffice.

OnTouch system is based on new technologies which makes it reliable and easy to use for all users.


A pioneer in the use of Remote Control technology, NetSupport’s products have evolved in line with working practices with the emphasis on Security and Performance.

schools now have a greater investment in ICT than ever before and the challenges of maintaining the technology, supporting teachers and protecting students continue to grow.

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Record of working hours

Employee and working time record is web-based application developed in accordance with applicable legal regulations. It allows electronic records of all prescribed and required employee information,

as well as electronic recording of beginning and completion of working hours, records of sick leave, overtime hours, annual leave, work-time absences, official travel and other employee attendance information at the workplace.

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