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Who are we?

Software development and system integration

NextVision is a B&H company founded in January 2007., after bringing together experts from the field of information and communication technology, consulting, business-to-business solutions and marketing. 

To uphold such a broad expertise innovation, the company established its operations in the ICT market at the very beginning through two departments: Department of software development and system integration department, which are the driving mechanisms of our business.

—Company portfolio is comprised out of the following products and solutions:

  • —ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions;
  • —Data warehouse and BI (Business Intelligence) solutions;
  • —Mobile Business Solutions;
  • —On-demand information system solutions – by outsourcing project management and development of IT solutions.

Overcoming the current business challenges, and our flexibility in adapting to different implementation scenarios, are the proof of our quality and professionalism. Our vision is to provide clients with an enviable quality of service and products, thereby ensuring the best advertisement - a recommendation and satisfaction of its clients.

Our vision

Become an ICT leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is imperative to maintain a comprehensive customer support throughout the life cycle of our products and services. By applying our own software solutions adequately and A.S.A.P. to respond to client requests, we are able to expand the current staffing capacity and achieve continuous investments in employees to keep current success.

By acting as a leader in the ICT market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the field of software development, as well as in the field of system integration, we are on the objective of introducing internationally recognized quality certificates.


Team spirit and collegiality

Team spirit and collegiality are the basic characteristics of our employees. Our team is composed of young and vibrant engineers of Technical Sciences. Through constant training and certification, we are shaping our staff to be up-to-date with new technologies every day. Our scholarship programs are a good indicator that we are always willing to invest in knowledge and quality.

Why choose us?

Your vision, our mission!


—We have a stable business portfolio - with a range of ERP, CRM and BI-based solutions.

—We "Know how" - our solutions are developed In-House, resulting in a number of experienced developers and project managers.

We ensure quality resources and technology - ranging from the latest MS. NET technologies (WPF) combined with the poverfull TFS, up to the most current Android-based app development.

—We provide quality assurance - using the latest technologies in information system development combined with the outstanding support system.


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—NIBIS – NextVision Information and Business Intelligence System

ERP scalable solution with —service-oriented architecture, developed by using the latest MS .NET technologies

NextVision d.o.o. has developed a business-information system "NIBIS", aimed to support day-to-day enterprise business operations. Developed  modular so that each ERP module can be used as a standalone application, but with integrated modules shows its greatest strength and exists as an ultimate ERP solution.


Microsoft licensing solutions

NextVision is a Microsoft certified partner for the sale of GGK licensing solutions.

We are NetSupport Silver partner




NextVision is an authorized dealer and distributor of NetSupport products for Bosnia and Herzegovina.